The Bethlehem Candle

Matthew 2:6

The second candle on the Advent wreath which we light reminds us that God, through the prophets of the Old Testament, even revealed where the savior would be born. We continue to see how God preserved the lineage for Jesus to be born according to the prophecies. His humble birth in Bethlehem reminds us that he came to save all mankind, and even though he is king of all creation, his true throne is in our hearts.

The Bethlehem Candle
byPastor Fred Schurman

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  1. Prophecy fulfilled

  2. The birthplace of a king, but not his capital city

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This Sermon is part of the 2020 Series "The Advent Candles"

For the 2020 Advent season we are focusing on one of the oldest Advent traditions: the lighting of the Advent candles as we look forward to the birth of our savior. We look at the prophecies given in the Old Testament about the coming savior, and we see how they were all fulfilled.