What Are the Minas and Who Are the People?

Luke 19:11-27

Jesus tells the parable of the ten minas to tell the people about his kingdom and explain how it grows. However, this parable can be confusing and misunderstood, so in this sermon Pastor Schurman walks us through all of the details and shows us how it applies to us and the world around us today.

What Are the Minas and Who Are the People?
byPastor Fred Schurman

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  1. The noble man is clearly Christ, whose departure is his death, resurrection, and ascension. His return is Judgment Day.

  2. The subjects who hated him are unbelievers.

  3. The servants in God’s kingdom are believers.

  4. The minas are God's Word and Sacraments, especially the Gospel.

  5. Different servants are placed in different circumstance, which is why the minas produce different amounts.

  6. One servant hides the mina in worldly things because he doesn't agree with the nobleman.

  7. You do not earn the mina nor what it produces. It is a gift from God that you have the mina.

Note: The mina was a unit of currency, not to be confused with the talent (used in a similar parable), which was used to signify a gift or skill.