Do We Allow Jezebel's Teachings by Ignoring the Problem?

Revelation 2:18-29

Do We Allow Jezebel's Teachings by Ignoring the Problem?
byPastor Fred Schurman

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  1. Christ's omniscience and omnipotence are the attributes needed to prevent and cure

  2. The Word will grow the fruits of faith in union with Christ

  3. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away

  4. God will not ignore the sin

  5. Stay in the Word of God, do not even dabble in the things of Satan

  6. Holding tightly to God's Word means we will conquer by hearing and using it

  7. Holding tightly to God's Word assures us of His promises

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This Sermon is part of the 2023 Series "Questions to Ask Ourselves As We Read the Messages to the Seven Churches"

The point of the Book of Revelation is to provide comfort to Christian churches, as they have always and will always face persecution and hatred from this world. In this series Pastor Schurman explains the messages as they applied to the original churches and as they apply to Christian churches today.