Why Is Jesus Christ Among the Seven Gold Lampstands?

Revelation 1:4-6,9-20

Jesus is ruling over this world for the Christian church, past and present, regardless of how much the Devil and this world persecute believers.

Why Is Jesus Christ Among the Seven Gold Lampstands?
byPastor Fred Schurman

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  1. He is comforting John and the churches that are facing persecution

    1. Persecution, separation, the sea, and the land are all common themes in this revelation

    2. John is bearing the cross, and he is writing to churches that have born, are bearing, and will bear the cross

  2. He is ruling for the church, even when persecution makes it seem like He isn't

  3. John's description of Jesus shows many of the ways He rules over this world

  4. Find comfort: He is also ruling for you

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This Sermon is part of the 2023 Series "Questions to Ask Ourselves As We Read the Messages to the Seven Churches"

The point of the Book of Revelation is to provide comfort to Christian churches, as they have always and will always face persecution and hatred from this world. In this series Pastor Schurman explains the messages as they applied to the original churches and as they apply to Christian churches today.